Take time out to review your business

  • Self-Assess Your Business

    Work at your own pace, using the simple interactive Q&A format to review your business area by area. Go deeper with further ideas and suggestions provided for each question.

  • Video Reviews

    Each of the six key areas has a video to summarise that area, bring the issues to life and help you formulate your action plan.

  • Ideas for Action

    Create a list of issues to consider for each of the six areas of a business. Pull out key actions to create an improvement plan for your business.

Self Assessment Contents

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  • 1


    • A message from Andy
    • Download the Action Plan
  • 2

    Your Self-Assessment

    • Self Assessment - You
    • Review Results - You
    • Self Assessment - Purpose & Vision
    • Review Results - Purpose & Vision
    • Self Assessment - Strategy
    • Review Results - Strategy
    • Self Assessment - Sales & Marketing
    • Review Results - Sales & Marketing
    • Self Assessment - Systems & Operations
    • Review Results - Systems & Operations
    • Self Assessment - People & Management
    • Review Results - People & Management
    • Self Assessment - Profit & Cash
    • Review Results - Profit & Cash
    • One Final Question
    • Self Assessment - Final Question
  • 3

    Next Steps...

    • Congratulations - What next?

Pricing options

There is a choice of two options - the self-assessment by itself or with a one-to-one review session with Andy, which is the most popular choice.

Shape Up Your Business

Put your business on solid ground

Use this self-assessment to shape up your business for the next stage of its development. Whether that is being ready for growth, preparing for exit or just to get your life back!
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Discover Where To Improve Your Business

A simple systematic review of your business, by you and for you. Create a bank of ideas and list of key actions.

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