Course Overview

What you'll get in this FREE course...

  • Find Quick Wins

    Let's not waste time - let's uncover some QUICK WINS for growth that are hidden in your business right now! You'll discover a simple and effective business tool to help you identify them quickly.

  • Choose Your Growth Strategy

    Learn 4 key growth strategies, including some LOW RISK options. There is a growth strategy with your name on it! One that's right for you & your business. PLUS discover PRACTICAL ideas for implementation.

  • Get Growth Ready

    A quick health check enables you to assess whether your business is growth ready. You'll identify any areas you may need to prioritise if you are to make your growth plans a success.

Course content

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  • 1

    Understanding Business Growth & Finding Quick Wins

    • What Does Business Growth Really Mean?
    • Growing Your Business
    • Quick Wins for Growth
    • Discover Your Quick Wins
    • Wrap Up Module 1
  • 2

    4 Growth Strategies & Managing Risk

    • Discover 4 Strategies for Growth
    • Making Your Strategic Choice
    • How To Apply The 4 Strategies
    • Applying The Strategy To Your Business
    • Wrap Up Module 2
  • 3

    Getting Growth Ready

    • Are Your Ready For Growth?
    • Your Readiness For Growth
    • Is Your Business Ready For Growth?
    • Growth Readiness Quick Self Assessment
    • Conclusion - How To Grow Your Business
    • Review Your Options

Discover Low Risk Growth Strategies

Choose a strategy that's right for YOU.

Most people suffer from a thing called loss aversion. They do more to avoid losing something than they'll do to gain it. So we avoid risk. In this course you'll learn how to grow your business whilst only taking the risk you are comfortable with.

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Plan Your Business Growth in Easy Steps

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